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Remote Building Projects

We can go anywhere - and we mean ANYWHERE on the west coast. If you need something built in a remote location we can get the materials to you no matter where you are.

Vessel Haul

Need something towed on the water? Our boat is ready to haul anything up to 20,000 lbs - fully safety certified and fast service. 

Commercial Dive Services

All of our divers are fully equipped to handle any underwater job that you can throw at us. 100% certified and quality guaranteed.


Marwal Marine services is a Vancouver Island local company based out of Port Alberni, BC. We specialize in almost all marine services and are committed to making sure everything we do goes above and beyond environmental standards. 


 All of our crew has extensive experience (more than 100 years between all members) on the water, and are 100% certified, with most of their lives being spent in this industry in some form. 

No matter the size of your marine job, we can take care of it.

Our Services Include

• Transporting:

    - Building Materials,

    - Vehicles

    - Small to Mid Size Machinery. 

• Commercial Dive Services

• Vessel Hull

• Building and Environmental Inspections. 



An ROV is a tethered mobile device used in countless underwater applications.

These small but very unique vehicles can swim, crawl, lift and take high definition pictures and videos for small jobs, making them ideal for our inspection services. 

Check back soon for availability. 

- THE -

The “Mary Wally”, our main boat, is a 36’x10’ welded aluminum landing craft with cargo Capacity -4000lbs. 

Our ship also comes accompanied with a 26’x10’ welded aluminium barge. with a cargo capacity of 16000lbs. 

The  Mary Wally is fully equipped for any job can go absolutely anywhere on the coast you need her to.

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What Service Are You Interested In?



Fill out the contact form, or give us a call! 

We'd be happy to get your next marine project started.



We are located in Port Alberni but we can be mobilized anywhere in Vancouver island. Being at a prime access point to the coast, we can launch The Mary Wally to all points along coastal Vancouver Island and BC.

We are proud to live where we live. Keeping our waters clean and safe is our top priority. That's why you can always count on us to make sure that our island and coast are not impacted by any of our work, and is always environmentally friendly.

Remote Dock, Ramp,

& Pier Installations

Need to improve your remote dock or just build an entirely new one? Not only can we haul out the materials for you, but we'll set it up too.

Our  ramps are all welded aluminium construction with either wood or expanded aluminum decking. 

Available in 40’,  50’, and custom lengths. 

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